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Household Three Layer Chocolate Fountain Chocolate Hot Pot Homemade Chocolate Melting Tower Furnace Belt Heating

Household Three Layer Chocolate Fountain Chocolate Hot Pot Homemade Chocolate Melting Tower Furnace Belt Heating

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Name: Household three-layer chocolate fountain machine / chocolate hot pot machine / chocolate pulp machine / chocolate tower

Voltage: 220V 50Hz 65W

[Material] Food grade PC + electronic components

[Specification] High 22CM, maximum diameter 14.5CM

Accessories: main body, tray, screw transfer rod
Function: The heated bottom basin keeps the chocolate in a state of melting. The liquid chocolate enters the cylinder in the center of the fountain and is then transported by a rotating spiral to the top of the fountain and back to the bottom from the top. The ladder cones that flow through create the effect of a chocolate waterfall. Usually, some types of fruit, marshmallows, etc. can be used to extract chocolate, so that chocolate can be condensed on fruits and marshmallows, and then eaten.

Steps for usage:

1. Place the fountain body on a stable platform near the socket.

2. Tightly tighten the tower (note that the three holes below the tower must be fastened with the three pillars on the large stainless steel bowl so that the tower can be tightened and the tightly packed tower will not shake.)

3. Put the screw into the tower and tighten it to the hole.

4. Adjust the plastic feet at the bottom of the fountain and level the fountain. If the fountain is tilted, it will affect the formation of the chocolate waterfall.

5. After installing and leveling the fountain, please plug in the power, first press the heat button on the left, preheat for two minutes, then pour 2-4 pounds of melted chocolate into the stainless steel bowl. Press the fountian button on the right. The screw turns and the chocolate is brought to the top of the tower and slowly slides down from the top of the tower, forming a chocolate waterfall, and the scent of chocolate is also emitted (note: in order to preserve the aroma of chocolate) To avoid deterioration or charring of chocolate, it is recommended to use our company's chocolate melting machine to melt chocolate.

* The state of the melted chocolate is: quickly pick up the chocolate with a spoon, and the chocolate can flow smoothly in a line.

6. The user can use a fork to fork a variety of foods such as biscuits, fruits, marshmallows, etc., and sip chocolate from the chocolate waterfall and enjoy it (note: in order to avoid the melted chocolate dripping in the clothes when eating) On the top, wait for a while, then wait until the chocolate on the outside is solidified before putting it in the mouth.)

7. Please note that do not pour the food into the chocolate fountain. This will affect the formation of the fountain, and even the screw will not be able to rotate, resulting in machine failure.

8. If the time is long, the chocolate concentration is relatively high and thick, please add appropriate amount of edible vegetable oil to dilute (no water is allowed to release)

9. After use, please press the buttons on the left and right sides to stop the work of the machine. After the standby device stops working completely, pull the plug away from the socket.

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